How Much Does Professional Lice Removal Cost?

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How Much Does Professional Lice Removal Cost?

Having head lice is the most embarrassing and overwhelming thing. It can make even the strongest human come to their knees. Also, removing them from your scalp and life is almost as impossible. There is no complete solution for getting rid of them. 

However, the truth about lice is that an average population suffers from head lice for about 3-6 months. They will try at least 5-7 Lice treatments during this tricky and infuriating time and spend countless dollars on home remedies, shampoos, combs, etc.

Moreover, these lice removal services include doctor's visits, toxic pesticides treatments, combs, beauty salon lice products, gadgets, internet lice products, remedies, etc. These products are unnecessarily damaging and make big holes in your pockets. But the essential thing is that they are not effective at all. The price of countless loads of laundry and cleaning stress is high. 

It's no wonder people think that lice removal treatments are costly and time-consuming. You are surely on the right page if you can relate to this problem. This blog will discuss the exact cost of professional lice treatmentand why it is your one-stop solution. 

Procedure Of Lice Removal Treatment 

Head lice, small insects, feed on human blood. Generally, animals have lice, but humans can get it if they are not careful. Lice get developed due to poor hygiene. 

Moreover, lice can fly and mostly spread through direct contact from person to person. For instance, if your roommate or any friend has lice and you are spending time with them, the chances are that you may also have lice. It jumped to your head before you even realized it. Children can also catch lice during playtime from their friends. 

Having lice will make you frustrated and annoyed from itching and may cause redness on the scalp. If detected and stooped on time, you can treat head lice conditions. However, you can remove lice with home remedies, shampoos, combing methods, etc. Home remedies may remove lice from your head but not the lice eggs. Therefore removing lice with traditional methods is not a permanent solution as lice may come back.

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If you have uncontrollable lice, experts may provide you with medications, pharmaceutical shampoos, head masks, etc. Lice experts remove lice with their expert hands and techniques. They use chemicals chrysanthemum and pyrethrin. These are compounds extracted from flowers that are toxic to lice. You use the compounds on the advice of a doctor or expert. Doctors may also prescribe benzyl alcohol, lindane, or malathion if these medications fail in lice removal. Benzyl alcohol deprives the oxygen for the lice and kills them.

Moreover, malathion is a lice removal shampoo that you apply naturally and rinse after 8-12 hours. Experts use lindane only in extreme conditions when other treatments fail. We suggest you not take or use any of these chemicals without an expert's supervision. Benzyl alcohol, malathion, and lindane can have severe side effects on the human body, including seizures. 

Professional Lice Removal Cost

A Professional lice removal cost ranges up to $47.50. The prices of short hair and long hair may vary as it takes more time to check and treat than short hair. Long hair takes around 0.5-1 hour, and long hair takes at least 1.5-2 hours; therefore, long hair lice removal treatment may cost more than short hair. But, at Knock Out Lice LLC, you can book a lice removal appointment for just $25. Other professional related services at a lice removal clinic are as follows: 



Lice removal consultation 


One free intensive lice checkup 


Hands-on lice combing and training 


Home lice removal treatments 


Cheatsheet for helping friends and family


Prevention for future infestations 


Written step by step treatment for home 


Average cost 


So, as we saw, an examination for a single person costs 25$, and treatment is given on the same day. In addition, $25 is charged for follow-ups and check-ups later on. 

Professional Lice Removal Treatment: Some Common Questions 

Cost is not the only thing one must consider while booking a lice removal treatment. You must be confused and want to know whether it would suit your little daughter, sister, mother, etc. Or whether the chemicals leave you with side effects. Here are some commonly asked questions by Knock Out Lice LLC customers.

Who Can Get Professional Lice Removal Treatment? 

There are no restrictions when it comes to professional lice removal treatment. If you have head lice, you can get a hair removal consultation. Furthermore, getting expert advice is much more crucial than browsing the Internet. This is to say that lice removal treatments by professionals are safe for kids, women, in fact, everyone. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of Chemical Lice Removal?

Experts in professional lice removal clinics and salonsuse Benzyl, alcohol, lindane, and malathion. Sometimes the chemical quantity of alcohol can be high, but also, the toxicity is essential to remove lice permanently from your head. Also, some medications may cause redness and discomfort on your scalp and may cause seizures in some people. Therefore, experts use them with precautions and the right techniques, which are impossible for amateurs. So, experts use the products in the right proportions which do not harm you.

Moreover, some clinics also use organic plant-based products and essential oils to remove the lice. If you fear pharmaceutical chemicals, you can opt for this 100% safe and effective alternative. 

What Are The Post Effects Of Lice Removal Treatment?

One of the essential post-treatment guidelines is to take care of personal hygiene. Keep your scalp clean with a medicated shampoo. If you are skeptical that anyone in your known has lice, then wear headgear and make them aware of the condition. The lice removal treatment results are good if you follow the hair care routine on time and consistently. Also, they remove lice and lice eggs permanently from your scalp and hair strands, so you get a clean and healthy head forever. 

In conclusion, you need a safe, professional lice removal salon that uses 100% organic products. Suppose you have more queries related to lice removal treatments, procedures, and costs, head over to our website and read our blogs. Also, you can mail them to us on our official mail id. 

Are you constantly searching, 'how much does lice clinic cost 'or 'affordable lice removal salons near me? Well, your search ends here. Knock Out Lice LLC is an affordable lice removal salon where we use 100% organic and safe methods to remove lice permanently from your head. Book an appointment today for just $25 and get a lice-free head only in the first consultation.