Nits Removal Tips For Getting Rid Of Them Permanently

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Nits Removal Tips For Getting Rid Of Them Permanently

If you or someone in your family have nits and lice & also Nits Removal Tips, you need a solution that works quickly. And you also must be searching for ways to get a lice-free scalp forever. Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed of because kids always have nits and lice. They are the ones who bring nits and lice into our lives. Ultimately, it increases with time and causes redness and itching in the head. Every year, lice infect 6 to 12 million schoolchildren. Because lice in many parts of the United States are resistant to permethrin-based treatments, you should know the best options for getting rid of lice. Having nits and lice can be overwhelming and embarrassing. But there’s a solution for everything, so we will give you that in this blog. Here you will learn Nits Removal Tips to get rid of these insects quickly and permanently. 

How To Stop Nits And Lice At An Early Stage? 

Experts recommend following a few basic steps to permanently help nit rid of and kill the lice. 

  • It is necessary to treat nits and lice on your child’s head at the right time. You should look for treatment the first time you learn your kid has lice. 

  • If you live with or are close to someone who has lice, you should get tested. Nits and lice are insects that can fly from one head to another. 

  • Anyone sharing a bed with a lice-infested person should be treated simultaneously. 

Nits And Lice Professional Treatment

Nits and lice can be treated at home. Lice treatments (called pediculicides) are accessible without a prescription or over-the-counter. Shampoos, lotions, and cream rinses are among them. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor for a safe and efficient product recommendation.

Over-the-counter and prescription medicines may kill lice and their eggs. To be sure, look at the labels. After 9 or 10 days, if lice are still crawling slowly, they are most likely dying. Consult your doctor to see if you should reapply the medicine on your scalp. 

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Medications For Nits And Lice Removal 

Doctors and experts may use the following chemicals on your head for nits and lice removal. Remember that these medications for lice treatment require a prescription and should only be used under expert supervision. 


This silicone-based, non-pesticide substance coats lice and interferes with their capacity to handle water. It has been demonstrated in several trials to be more effective than pesticide-containing formulations. Do not exceed the specified dosage or combine products. Call a doctor if you still notice lice moving after using an over-the-counter treatment. You may require a more powerful product.

Benzyl alcohol 

It is a kind of alcohol (Ulesfia). Active lice, not eggs, are killed by this lotion. It can treat head lice in children as young as six months old and is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. First, comb the hair, then shampoo your hair and let it sit for around 10 minutes. You need to repeat this treatment in a week.


It is a kind of ivermectin (Sklice). This product is suitable for children aged six months and up.


Malathion is a character in the game Malathion (Ovide). This powerful lotion paralyzes lice and kills certain lice eggs. It’s safe to use in children aged six and up. If lice are still migrating after 7 to 9 days, you’ll require a second head lice treatment. The product is highly flammable. All cigarettes and heat sources such as blow dryers, curling irons, lighters, fireplaces, space heaters, and stoves should be avoided. It’s possible to ignite a fire if you use them both simultaneously.


It is a type of parasitic worm that lives in (Natrona). With this product, you usually only need one treatment. It eliminates both nits and lice. Plus, this product is risk-free.

Lindane shampoo 

The FDA approves lindane shampoo to treat lice, but you should not use them on kids without an expert’s supervision. 

Methods Of Removing Nits And Lice At Home

You can do these methods easily at home and enjoy a scalp-free life. 

Wet Combing 

Comb wet hair to remove active lice and their eggs. Just moisten the hair and use a fine-tooth comb. This should be done once a week for at least three weeks.

Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils are oils obtained from plants like tea trees, and anise may suffocate and kill lice. But it is still unknown how effective they are. These essential oils can potentially cause allergic reactions.

Use Smothering Agents 

Some people try to smother and kill lice by smearing a greasy material all over their scalp, covering it with a shower cap, and sleeping with it on. You can use petroleum jelly, mayonnaise, or olive oil as a binding agent. However, these may not be that effective.

Nits And Lice Removal Tips To Follow At Home

Use the following Lice removal tips while trying the home remedies. 

  • Always follow the instructions given on the nits removal products carefully.

  • Use a superfine comb to comb out the lice from your head. 

  • If you are using a lice removal shampoo, ensure to apply it to your scalp wearing your old clothes. After the process ends, throw the clothes as they might get infected with lice. Do not use the product when you are fully dressed. 

  • Use very less products as overuse can be harmful. Limit how much product touches your body because it is common for lice removal products to cause irritation and a burning sensation. Also, avoid touching your eyes and mouth while washing your hair.  

  • Lice can crawl off and jump from one body to another and from one person to other things and animals. Therefore, be careful with bedding, towels, and hats and check them thoroughly. Also, lice need human blood to survive; therefore, they do not live long after removing them from your head. But it is essential to kill them once you bring them out of your head and if you do not want them to return. 

  • Use heat to wash or clean any clothing item accessory if worn by a person who has nits and lice. Dry them on high heat. Nits and lice die automatically when exposed to temperatures more than 130F for more than 5 minutes. If someone in your family has nits or lice, wash all their clothes, jackets, caps, bed sheets, etc.  

  • Wash the vacuum rugs, sofas, bedding, upholstery, furniture, towels, and anything with active lice. 

  • Clean your combs, brushes, and other hair accessories in soap water for 5-10 minutes. 

  • Do not use insecticides, sprays on your head, or places where you spend most of your time. The smell of pesticides and insecticides can be toxic for you, and inhaling them can cause severe side effects and discomfort.

What's Better Professional Treatment Or Home Remedies? 

Surely home remedies are effective and can save you lots of bucks. But, they are not as effective as professional lice removal services. At a professional salon, the experts focus on removing the lice forever. They have the best equipment and protective gear and use safe methods to give you a lice-free life without discomfort. Also, with expert supervision, you do not have to fear the harmful side effects. While facing such an embarrassing and overwhelming problem, you should not think about money and use it for the best.

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