Will Lice Shampoo Work For Nits Treatment?

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Will Lice Shampoo Work For Nits Treatment?

Killing lice is easier than killing nits because nits are the tiniest, and it is almost impossible to see them without a magnifying glass. However, removing nits is as crucial as removing the lice from the head. For those who may not know what nits are, we will tell you. Nits are tiny lice eggs that are very much responsible for the lice infestation. If any nits are present in your hair, it will soon turn into a nymph or lice. That's why you need to follow the nits treatment process.

Therefore, if you don’t want the cycle to begin in the first place and repeat itself, it is essential to get Nits treatment. But the question is, will the lice shampoo work to kill the nits as well, and if not, then what is the reason behind it? Read this blog till the end to find the answer to these questions.

Lifecycle Of A Nit: Why Is Nits Treatment Important? 

You may wonder why removing lifeless lice eggs is crucial from the hair? Because the answer is simple, nits are not lifeless; soon enough, they will become big parasites who will feed on your blood. Therefore, if you remove lice from your head, it is super important to remove nits too. However, you may not be able to do this alone. 

You can remove lice from your head by various methods. But removing nits all by yourself is impossible. You can’t even use a mirror technique, wet combing, or shrink wrap method because nothing works in the case of Nits treatment. A nit in your hair, upholstery, bedsheets, or pillow is an invitation to a lice outbreak. So let’s read further and learn how we can stop that.

Can A Head Lice Shampoo Work For Nits As Well? 

Various studies show that chemical-infused products such as Benzyl alcohol and Permethrin lotion can kill active lice. But unfortunately, there isn’t enough proof that they can kill nits too. However, you can treat lice and nits infestation with good lice and nits treatment, also known as pediculicides. Let’s know about some common lice removal shampoos and ingredients to see whether they will help you in Nits treatment. 

1. Piperonyl Butoxide And Pyrethrins  

This product is made with chrysanthemum flowers, and it is a product that experts use in head lice treatment. It has no proven positive results being an OTC treatment for lice. Hence, if it can not kill the active lice, it will be no use in killing the nits. 

However, if you still want to try this remedy for best head lice treatment, you should get a consultation from the experts. You cannot use it without bearing pain if you are allergic to chrysanthemum flowers or ragweed. Moreover, it is not suitable for kids below the age of two years. 

2. Permethrin Shampoo

It is a special shampoo that you can use for toddlers and kids below the age of two years. However, it would help if you get a prescription for that. It is a shampoo; therefore, we don’t know how much chemical quantity it would contain. 

For active lice infestation, consult a doctor to know the effective recommended dosage. Always use protective gears if the doctor suggests you use a higher dosage for Nits treatment.  

3. Dimethicone Shampoo

 It is a non-pesticide silicone-based product that works on the lice by suffocating them. There is a recommended amount of dosage that you must not exceed; if you do, it can create problems for you. There are chances that this product will not work effectively for nits treatment as it may work for lice. 

4. Benzyl Alcohol 

Benzyl alcohol is a popular lotion and shampoo ingredient which you can only find with the help of a prescription from a doctor. This ingredient can kill lice in infants above the age of six months to people who are 60 years of age. Also, it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The only drawback of this excellent remedy is that it doesn’t kill the nits with the active lice and nymphs.

5. Malathion 

Malathion is a powerful chemical lotion that paralyzes and kills the lice. The good news is that you can also use it for Nits treatment. But, the only thing you still have is to use your hands to get them out of your head. 

6. Ivermectin

It kills most of the head lice, even the nits but again, you will need someone to help you with the removal of the nits. 

7. Spinosad 

This head lice shampoo ingredient is strong enough to kill the lice and nits in one use. But, it can also be poisonous, so it is better to get a prescription before using and using it judiciously. 

8. Lindane Shampoo

Lindane lice shampoo works well on the active lice infestation but does not work well for the nits treatment. Moreover, the American Academy of Pediatrics links this product with nervous system damage.

Why Does Lice Shampoo Fail In Nits Treatment? 

Lice shampoo, oils, and conditioners fail to kill the nits because nits are eggs, and most of you would know that eggs are hard shells that carry the living organism. ( In this context, there are lice) No matter how tiny they are, they are still hard shell covers protecting the lice. Therefore all the product gets washed away and kills the active lice that don’t have any protection. 

So, What’s The Solution For Nits Treatment?

The solution is that you ask someone to pick them by the hands and throw or kill them immediately. Ask a friend or family member to partition your hair into small parts and check nits with a magnifying glass. After covering a particular spot, move on to the next one and cover the whole head gradually. If your friend finds a nit, tell them to kill it on the spot. 

Ensure to clean yourself and every spot in your home after finishing the nit treatment. Tell your friend to take the same precautions and repeat the treatment in a few days to be sure. Or, the best thing you can do is to book an appointment with a professional lice and nits removal salon. Why? Because they are the best and they know what they are doing. 

They have expert ingredients, tools, and gadgets to work on your scalp and hair. Also, they invest a good amount of time in their work to ensure value for your money.

Final Words

Don’t let the nits turn into your biggest nightmare. Stop nit’s growth immediately when you see or feel one. Book an appointment with Knock Out Lice LLC to find a permanent solution to nits and lice. Our expert team efficiently handpicks all the nits and lice after using excellent and safe ingredients, that is, pure quality essential oils. To learn more about our lice and lice shampoo or to book an instant appointment, visit our site.