Pros & Cons Of Using A Chemical-Infused Lice Removal Shampoo

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Pros & Cons Of Using A Chemical-Infused Lice Removal Shampoo

How effective is the Lice Killing Shampoo? And what are their side effects? Do you also wonder when you suspect lice in your head? However, the concern is that most people use lice removal shampoo to get rid of lice and nits.

Treatment of head lice is recommended for people who have been diagnosed with an active infection of lice. All household members and other close associates should be screened. Those showing signs of active lice infestation should be treated. Some experts believe that preventative treatment helps people who share the same bed with those actively suffering. All infected people, family members, and roommates should be treated simultaneously. Therefore, you must know all the pros and cons before getting a lice removal shampoo for yourself and your kids.

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Lice removal shampoos are good for removing the lice permanently, but they contain some very harmful substances that may be bad for your scalp and health. So read ahead this pros and cons guide about lice removal shampoos.

Pyrethrins And Piperonyl Butoxide 

Some excellent shampoo ingredients contain pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide. Pyrethrins belong to the group of pesticides that are naturally derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Also, it works by paralyzing and killing the lice and nits. Piperonyl butoxide works by increasing the time of the lice shampoo by preventing the breakdown of pyrethrins.

This medicine is made to eliminate lice infestation with a single use. It can take up to 24 hours for lice to die after treatment. If you still have lice, you may need a second application 7-10 days after the first treatment. The drawback of pyrethrin shampoo is that it can only kill live lice and not its eggs. Also, pyrethrin should not be used by people who have allergic reactions to chrysanthemums and ragweed.

Lindane Lice Removal Shampoo 

Lindane lice removal shampoo is 1% pediculicide and has some percentage of scabicide. It is used in treating head lice and scabies. You apply the shampoo normally to your scalp and, later, your hair.

It is available to stores in a general form. Some commonly seen side effects of Lindane lice removal shampoo include dizziness, drowsiness, itching and burning sensation, dryness, and rashes on the skin. Also, the Lindane shampoo lice treatment may increase the risk of seizures and harm the fetus if you are expecting. It passes on into the breast milk and can also kill the baby if you are breastfeeding. So as you see, it provides more harm than good.

Malathion Lotion

Malathion is an organophosphate, a formulation considered safe and effective in treating head lice. Malathion kills the active lice under 7-9 days of application, but you must keep applying it again. The disadvantage is that Malathion is flammable, and you must keep it away from all heating and electrical devices, including hair dryers, curling or flat iron, clothing iron, etc.

Unfortunately, very few specific places left for you to keep this product. The other side effects of Malathion lotion include stinging sensation, hypersensitivity, chemical burns, and skin and scalp irritation. It can also give you dandruff and make your hair dry and frizzy.

Permethrin Lotion

Permethrin lotion or permethrin compound also comes in lice removal shampoo. Permethrin shampoo lice treatment or lotions are safe and effective for topical use as long as the physician directs it. Its drawback is that it is not that effective in treating head lice. You may need several days to end your problem if you use shampoo lice treatment or permethrin lotion. Even after a good product application, you may feel active lice crawling in your head and need an expert to give you the solution. 

Ivermectin Lotion

Ivermectin lotions, Lice Killing Shampoo, and oral capsules help you to get rid of the lice and newly hatched nymphs. It is effective for most people after a single application of the product. But, you must not use it casually, and you should always use it after the advice of a professional. Ivermectin tablets are given for oral administration for lice removal. They have been used for more than two decades now. 

However, the product is not approved by the government. The lice removal shampoo of ivermectin can cause a burning sensation on your head and make your scalp itchy and dry. Ivermectin tablets are not good for children weighing less than 15 kg or pregnant women.  

Spinosad Lice Killing Shampoo

Spinosad is derived from bacteria found in the soil. Its topical Lice Killing Shampoo was approved by the government in 2011. It kills both the lice and nits. Nit combing is also not required if you use this lice removal shampoo. Spinosad is safe for kids and adults. Repeat the remedy after seven days of hair wash. It may require much more time than normal because it is free from harmful chemicals. However, it is worth it, but you just have to follow up the routine consistently.  

Benzyl Alcohol Shampoo And Lotion 

Benzyl alcohol is aromatic alcohol approved by the state for treating head lice. It is safe and effective for use only if an expert has prescribed you so. It is recommended for kids above the age of 6 and people who are younger than 60 years. You must use Benzyl alcohol lice removal shampoo and lotion for seven days continuously a week to get rid of the lice. Some commonly seen side effects are skin rashes, irritation in the skin and ys, vision problems, peeling and itchy skin, dryness, and reddening skin. 

Final Words Of Advice

These were some common pros and cons that people have experienced while using these chemicals and lice shampoo and conditioner that contain these chemicals in some amounts. The only way to save yourself from the hazardous side effects is by following these tips: 

  • Do not use any lice shampoo and conditioner, lotion, or chemical substance in extra amounts unless an expert tells you to do so. 

  • Always protect your eyes while using these products. 

  • If some product gets into your eyes accidentally, you have to wash your eyes immediately. 

  • Do not wash your head with the same product the next day you use them. 

  • If you feel a burning or itchy sensation, contact your professional lice removal expert for help. 

  • Do not use different lice removal shampoo products at the same time. 

  • Wash your head with cold water every time you apply the product topically. 

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