What Do Lice Look Like In Dark & Brown Hair?

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What Do Lice Look Like In Dark & Brown Hair?

Lice outbreak is made of two elements: active lice and nits. Nits are tiny forms of lice that soon turn into active lice. However, lice and nits are difficult to distinguish. And it is crucial to identify both to get rid of them completely. But if you do not know how lice look in dark hair, how will you catch them?

Therefore, you must know what nits and lice look like. Also, you will discover how lice look in dark hair, blond hair, etc. So read this blog till the end and ensure that the lice don’t hide anymore from your eyes.

What Do Lice Look In Dark Hair?

Since active lice are always moving, it is impossible to catch them in one place. Moreover, most people don’t even know what lice look like. If people knew how lice look in dark hair, brown hair, or blond hair, it would be much easier to locate and kill them.

Active lice are likely the side of a sesame seed. Their color may vary from brown, tan, gray, or black. Also, in some instances, the lice may look red if they have fed on human blood recently. The body of lice is made of three parts: head, abdomen, and thorax. Like every insect, lice have six legs, antennas, and teeth that push into our skin to suck out the blood. They have legs, three on each side, that are attached to the thorax.

Furthermore, the legs of lice have tiny claws that let them grab hair strands tightly even if they are suppressed in water. Therefore, killing lice, nymphs, or eggs is suggested when you see it. The abdomen is the part that may look reddish. However, the male lice bugs have a smaller abdomen than female lice bugs.

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What Do Nits Look Like?

Most people may think that lice and nits are the same but different. Therefore, a person whose aim is to eradicate lice may only aim for lice and may leave the nits behind. But, that will only start the infestation again in a few days. Therefore, apart from knowing how lice look in dark hair, you must also know how nits look.

Nits are unhatched tiny eggs of lice scattered in the first few inches of the scalp. Also, nits are lighter in color than lice. Unlike lice, nits have many parts to identify, but you can identify them with their oval shape and dull color.

What Do Lice Look Like In Black And Brown Hair?

Now we will discover what lice look like in dark hair. Dark hair provides camouflage for lice and nits than lighter hair. Lice and nits are tightly attached to the hair, and you will be able to notice a distinguished bulge on the hair strands. If you are wondering what nits would look like on black or dark hair, the answer is that they would appear in lighter care than your hair.

If you run your fingers across your hair and feel a tiny bump or knot, then it’s probably the nit. Nits are hard with a firm shell. You will easily identify the lice as they are always on the move and will probably try to rescue themselves from your tight hold.

If you have brown hair and you are wondering how lice look in brown hair, then you need to read ahead. Having brown hair is a bit of relief in terms of lice but not in terms of the nits. Nits are mostly brown, no matter how the lice and nymphs may turn out.

However, you will be able to distinguish the lice easily as they will probably be in a slightly different color. Lice are mostly of black, tan, or gray color. The brown lice can get camouflage with your hair, but you will still identify with their moving antennas, claws, and six legs.

What Do Lice Look Like In Blond Hair?

We have learned how lice look in dark hair; now, we will learn what lice and nits look like in blond hair. Part of the problem that lice and nits can hide so well in dark hair is that they have a darker color. However, this wouldn’t be the case with blond hair. Since blond hair is a lighter color, it provides a contrast to the lice and the nits. 

While searching for lice and nits in the blond head, look carefully at the hair strands and scalp. Little specks of pepper may appear on hair strands which might be nits. If you watch closely, you will notice tiny sesame-sized insects with antennas and legs moving around in your head. Also, do not forget that the lice may also appear in a lighter color sometimes, which is strange and rare at the same time. Therefore, be careful and be smarter than the lice.  

Final Words

Lice do not have wings, but still, they can jump from one head to another. Suppose you are skeptical about someone having lice. Maintain one arm’s distance from them. If you find lice bugs in your head, remove them immediately to stop further infestation. Lice and nits can cause hair casts and dandruff in the hair, which have nothing to do with the lice.

But they can confuse you while you are trying to do lice control. Also, for complete head hygiene and the health of your hair, it is essential to remove all such dead and dirty substances from your hair. Get a professional hair check-up from a lice removal salon to ensure you are doing good.

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