Lice Eggs In Hair Strands And Scalp [Tips To Remove Them]

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Lice Eggs In Hair Strands And Scalp [Tips To Remove Them]

Removing lice from the head is easy but removing lice eggs becomes an impossible task. However, lice eggs are not as harmful as lice, but we may never know when they will turn into lice nymphs and lice. Sooner or later, the lice eggs will turn into lice and feed on the blood from your scalp. Head lice eggs don’t carry any bacteria, but plenty of lice eggs in hair can make your hair look ugly and dull. 

It shows that you have poor health and hygiene for your hair. But to help you with easy lice egg removal, we have created this blog post; here, you will understand everything about head lice and eggs. 

Some Common Symptoms Of Having Lice Eggs In Hair

Some common signs of lice eggs in hairs are itching, lice on the scalp, lice eggs on hair strands, and sores on the scalp, shoulders, and neck. The rest of the symptoms are mentioned below.  


You may wonder why lice eggs in hair may cause itching. It is because lice and nits are the first stages of head lice. And itching is the most basic symptom of head lice. You will feel itching and irritation on the ears, head, and neck. 

Lice Eggs In Hair

Nits or lice eggs stick in the hair strands 1 or 2 inches close to the scalp. Nits and lice eggs are hard to see because they are very small. You will need a magnifying glass to see them. Lice eggs in hairs are easier to spot around the hair’s ears, neck, and center. Lice eggs are light in color; therefore, they are easy to spot. However, the presence of lice eggs in hair cannot determine whether you have lice or not. But, it could be the beginning of a lice infestation, so be smart and remove lice eggs immediately when you see one.  

Sores On The Neck, Scalp, And Shoulders

Constant scratching and irritation can cause red bumps and sores on the scalp, neck, and shoulders. These rashes and sores can get infected with bacteria, increasing the pain and inflammation in that area. 

Paranoia Of Lice

We all have an instant instinct if we sit with someone who may have lice or if we are not properly taking care of our hair hygiene. Even when there are no lice and lice eggs in your hair, you have this constant urge to put your hand in your head to itch. This fear of having lice in your hair and all over your body is known as pediculophobia.

Dandruff, Dead And Ugly Hair

Lice eggs, whether dark or light, always look ugly, making the hair dull and lifeless. A head full of lice and lice eggs can attract dandruff very quickly. Ultimately, you will lose your hair’s shine and bounce.


Prevention Of Lice Eggs In Hair

We assume you have understood the life cycle and are ready to eliminate this problem’s root cause. Still, if you are confused, know that the lice eggs hatch after 6 to 9 days when the lice leave them in your head. It is crucial to remove the lice eggs before they hatch and start the whole process again in your head. 

Therefore, to eradicate lice eggs in hair, you must put some extra effort as soon as possible. To remove lice eggs, you need a friend to volunteer. Tell them to part your hair in small sections and watch closely with a magnifying glass. They must handpick the lice eggs if they find some in your head. There’s no solution better than this one because lice eggs in hair can only be removed by the handpicking method. Lice eggs are so tiny that it would be impossible to remove them with wet combing and pharmaceutical drugs. Your friend may find it gross or uncomfortable, so give them a thank you gift afterward. 

Another head lice treatment that will work on lice eggs in hair is covering your head with mayonnaise overnight and covering it with a shrinkwrap cloth. You can also use a shower cap to do this method. Nymphs and lice eggs will be paralyzed or dead until the next morning. All you have to do next is wash your head with cold water and repeat the process till you feel fine. 

How To Prevent Head Lice And Nits?

These popular prevention tips will keep lice and nits away from your head. 

  • Primarily, head lice spread due to head-to-head contact. So, the risk is greatest among children who play and study together. Children are adorable and lovable; therefore, they play a major role in spreading lice. Most likely, adults never get infested with the lice first as they maintain proper hair health and hygiene. But in contrast, kids play in dirt and sweat and get infested with lice eggs easily. If your child is scratching their head frequently and this seems unusual to you, it is better to check their head properly. 

  • If you are skeptical that someone in your office, neighborhood, or college has head lice, it is better to maintain a one-arm distance. Lice can fly from one head to another, and that is how a lice outbreak starts in the first place. 

  • Do not use someone else’s comb, hair accessories, brushes, hats, scarves, etc. 

  • If you hear of a lice outbreak in the city, it is better to stay hidden or wear a hat, scarf, or anything over your head whenever you go out. 

  • Hang your clothes on a separate hook from your neighbor’s 

  • If someone in your family has been infested with head lice, immediately wash all the curtains, bed sheets, upholstery, pillows, etc. 

  • Do not share your clothes, bedsheets, or hair accessories until you are sure that this person maintains good hair health and hygiene. 

Finally, maintain good hair hygiene and health because lice hate a head that gets proper care daily. Wash your hair on alternative days and comb your hair every day. 

In Conclusion

Lice eggs in hair can be embarrassing and can steal all your life and shine from your hair. Don’t let it do this injustice with your beautiful hair. Did you suspect lice or lice eggs? Contact the professionals. We are Knock Out Lice LLC, a professional lice removal clinic, and we hate lice as much as you do.

Therefore, we do our best to instantly give you a lice and nits-free life. Our treatments include organic essential oils so you do not lose the bounce and shine of your hair. We provide head lice consultation at the most affordable price, so book a treatment right now if you want a permanent solution to your lice problems. Learn more about us on our website.