9 Best Head Lice Treatment For Long Thick Hair [Tried & Trusted]

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9 Best Head Lice Treatment For Long Thick Hair [Tried & Trusted]

Six to 12 million children in the US get head lice each year. And more than that, tears are shed on the painful best head lice treatment for long thick hair methods. Removing lice from the head is painful because lice are tiny parasites that live in our heads rent-free and feed on our blood. Additionally, it is quite impossible to find the best head lice treatment for long thick hair, and implementing that task is even more difficult.

We know you are here to find the solution to this problem, but before you dive deep into this article, it is necessary to know the lifecycle of lice. And to fully clean your head from lice and their eggs, you should be aware of it.

Lifecycle Of The Lice

Head Lice has three forms: nits, nymphs, and the last stage of lice. Nits are lice eggs, whereas nymphs are the immature lice, and the last stage of the lice is adult lice.

Most of the time, it is the topical application of chemicals that works in the case of lice removal. But, sometimes the professionals advise you to change your diet and hygiene habits. 

However, if you remain consistent and follow the lice removal techniques smartly, you can hopefully eliminate lice even in long and thick hair. And some treatments can even make your hair clean and healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you have lice, nits, or lice nymphs in your hair. 

List Of The Best Head Lice Treatment For Long Thick Hair

Honestly, there’s nothing to freak out if you or someone in your family have head lice. Sure, lice are gross, and they can make you feel overwhelmed. But it would be too problematic if you couldn’t get treatment. Fortunately, there are many treatments that you can do at home. 

1. Use A Fine-Toothed Comb

Doubtless, a fine-toothed comb is the best head lice treatment for long thick hair. Fine-toothed combs are the ultimate solution for head lice removal. But, you must perform other treatments discussed in this blog. To use a fine-toothed comb, divide your hair into small sections. Slowly and gently, pull your hair down and check the nits and lice on it. If you see them on the comb, remove them and repeat the process. 

2. Try Olive Oil And Shower Caps

Olive oil is an excellent smothering agent. And when you apply olive oil to your head and scalp, the lice are supposed to suffocate and die. But, you must wear a shower cap the night before washing your head. We are not sure if this is the best head lice treatment for long thick hair, but we are sure that; the lice will not survive if they cannot breathe for several hours. 

3. Blow Dry Your Hair

A reliable study shows that hot air effectively kills head lice and nits. In the same study, an old-fashioned bonnet dryer kills around 89% of nits. At the same time, a modern blow dryer kills 98% of the nits. Always use a hair dryer on freshly washed hair if you suspect nits and lice in your hair. Remember never to use a blow dryer after applying chemical lice treatments. While searching for the best lice treatment, you will come across loads of products that are either harmful compounds of chemicals or contain chemicals like lindane and malathion lotion.

4. Try Applying Petroleum Jelly To Your Hair

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a thick gel-like substance that softens the skin. With this remedy, the right approach to removing head lice is to suffocate the lice. Apply a layer of thick gel to your head carefully. Wear a shower cap and wash out the petroleum jelly the next morning. Applying petroleum jelly to your hair is one of the best lice treatment for long thick hair.

5. Get A Prescription For Benzyl Alcohol Lotion

Benzyl alcohol is a chemical lotion available in pharmaceuticals as a medicine. It is considered the best head lice treatment for long thick hair and also for short hair. But they only give it to you if you have a prescription. Ask an expert for a prescription of Benzyl alcohol and get it. Apply the benzyl alcohol lotion to your dry hair and scalp. After this step, Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can comb your hair with a lice comb. 

6. Try-On Some Mayonnaise

Who knew Mayonnaise is great for hair health and hygiene. People who have tried mayonnaise in real life give it 9 out of 10 stars, which is not bad. Slather full-fat mayonnaise generously on your scalp and hair strands. Wear a shower cap and let the mayonnaise do its magic overnight. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and comb with a metal lice-free comb to remove the nits from your hair. 

7. Rinse Your Hair With Some Vinegar

The acetic acid in the vinegar helps prep your hair for lice removal. Dilute the vinegar with water and pour straight on your head from the scalp to the hair lengths. Let the vinegar stay in your head for some time and wash with cold water afterward. If you keep repeating the remedy at least twice or thrice a week, you will successfully remove the head lice. Rinsing your hair with vinegar offers one of the best head lice treatment for long thick hair.

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8. Try The Shrinkwrap Method

Researchers say that the best head lice treatment is to suffocate the lice. The Shrinkwrap method is the technique of suffocating lice with plastic wrap. You can either do this with a tight shower cap or use a plastic food wrap to wrap your head entirely. Also, you can do this easily even if you have long and thick hair. You would feel the lice moving in your head, but that’s because lice are probably crawling due to suffocation. Try to control the itch for some time and let the plastic wrap work. If it doesn’t, then move on to another solution. Shrinkwrap method is the best head lice treatment for long thick hair.

9. Hire Professional Lice Removers

Most people hesitate to hire professional lice removers, but this is a vital step. Before trying so many home remedies whose consequences are unknown, you should consider hiring professional lice-removing services. Professional people know their job and use special methods to remove lice completely. You can hire professionals from Knock Out Lice LLC to get best head lice treatment for long thick hair.


The best head lice treatment for long thick hair ends here. Remember, you do not have to follow all the treatments. Rather, you just have to follow one or two remedies that are convenient and affordable for you. Lastly, be consistent in whatever treatment you choose. You can try 2-3 treatments and follow the one that works for you. One trial is enough to determine whether a remedy is helpful or not. If you feel relieved in the first trial, repeat twice or thrice in the same week. 

The Knock Out Lice LLC suggests not to try all the remedies that you see online. Some can spoil your hair forever and lead to excessive hair fall too. Read all the ingredient lists before trying out pharmaceutical products and research well. You can rely on us because we deliver credible information on the best head lice treatment. Stay updated and read our blog posts if you want to know more about hair care. 

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