Best Treatment For Lice And Nits [How To Get Rid Of Them]

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Best Treatment For Lice And Nits [How To Get Rid Of Them]

Have you ever come across a tiny parasite that reproduces and lives on the human scalp? They are flightless and are completely dependent on human blood for their survival. People are often seen searching for the best treatment for lice and nits. Yes, you guessed it right, they are called lice and are very common. They evolved thousands of years ago. Although lice do not spread diseases and are common, they still need to be treated.

They ask for different nits treatment options from their family and friends. You try everything from home remedies to medical professionals’ help to get rid of nits and lice. This blog will tell you in detail about lice, the best treatment for lice and nits, and steps to prevent lice. Read the blog to keep your scalp free from nits and lice.

Unknown Facts About Lice

Before moving on to the section on the best treatment for lice and nits, let’s read about some facts about lice-

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  • Lice multiply fast.

  • The eggs of lice are called nits.

  • A female louse can lay anywhere between 3-8 nits in a single day.

  • They achieve adulthood in 7-10 days.

  • Adult lice live about 30 days.

  • They crawl in the head.

  • They live near the scalp near hair roots.

  • Mostly found in the warmer areas of the head, like areas at the back of the head just above the neck and near the ears.

  • Wet hair makes it difficult for lice to move.

  • Spread easily on dry hairs.

Life Of Lice

Let’s have a brief idea of the life of lice before reading about the best treatment for lice and nits-

  • Live on the human scalp.

  • Dependent on human blood for its living.

  • They feed on human blood several times a day.

  • If taken away from the host, they can not even survive for two days.

Indications That You Have Head Lice

There are a few symptoms to detect lice in your head. If you feel these symptoms, you should search for the best treatment for lice and nits and free yourself from lice as soon as possible. Given below are a few symptoms that you can check for.

  • Tingling and itching in the head.

  • A moving sensation in the head.

  • Lice on your body, clothing, or anything of personal use.

  • Sores on your scalp may be one of the symptoms of lice.

  • Red bumps on the head.

  • Difficulty in sleeping because of irritation and itching.

What Can You Do To Check Lice

Lice in the head are not a very serious health condition, but it causes skin irritation, itching, sores, dandruff, allergies, etc. Therefore it is necessary to detect lice and choose the best treatment for lice and nits. Go through the following tips to detect lice-

  • Wet the hair of the person you want to check for lice. This will slow them down, and you can search for them relatively easily.

  • Use bright light to examine the scalp and hair roots easily.

  • You can get confused between dirt, lice, and nits. If this happens, try to pull it out. If it comes easily, then it is dirt; else, it is lice or nits.

How To Prevent Lice At Home

Lice spread passes from one person to another, so if you feel that you have lice, start taking precautions at your home so that you don’t spread it to others at your house. Following are a few things which you can do to prevent it from spreading-

  • Do not share things of your personal use with anyone in the house, like hair brushes, combs, hats, etc.

  • Wash clothes regularly.

  • Change bed sheets and pillow cover daily.

How To Prevent Lice In School-Going Children

School-going children are usually more prone to lice, and it is equally difficult to prevent lice in them. Still, there are a few things you can do to prevent lice in your child’s head-

  • Educate your child about certain hygiene habits they should follow.

  • Ask them not to keep their belongings like hats, clothing, etc., in shared spaces.

Still, after taking all the preventive measures, you and anyone in your house may get lice. So it is better to search for the best Treatment For Lice And Nits and get yourself rid of nits and lice.

How To Treat Lice

Lice can be treated in many ways. You have to choose the best treatment for lice and nits for yourself. There are three ways to treat lice. They are mentioned below-

  1. Home remedies

  2. Over-the-counter products

  3. Consult a doctor to be sure of choosing the best treatment for lice and nits.

Home Remedies

Home remedies are easy to follow and do not have any side effects. And they can be used by a person of any age group. The best treatment for lice and nits by home remedies are-

  • Vinegar and warm water mixture treatment

Mix one cup of vinegar and one cup of warm water. Apply the solution to your scalp and cover your head for 30 minutes with a shower or hair cap. Wash your head after 30 minutes.

  • A mixture of essential oils

You can mix essential oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil and apply the mixture directly to your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it off.

  • Using a fine-toothed comb

You can use a fine tooth comb to comb your hair. Comb thoroughly, and some of the lice will come out. You can also use electric combs, which are very good for detecting and killing lice.

  • Wash your clothes in hot water

Wash everything which is in contact with the affected scalp. Washing clothes will ensure others don’t get lice from the things the affected person has used. Follow the above-given remedies for the best treatment for lice and nits. 

Over-The-Counter Medicines

You can choose the best treatment for lice and nits in over-the-counter medicines. There are many shampoos and medicines available at drug stores for nits treatment.

Consult With A Doctor

If you feel that nothing else is working or you just want to consult a doctor for the best treatment for lice, you can reach out to a doctor for nits rid and nits treatment. They will prescribe you medicines to get rid of them.

Final Words

Hope we have given you enough information about the best treatment for lice and nits removal. If you want professional services to remove lice and nits from your head, then you can reach out to Knock Out Lice. We provide excellent lice removal services at your home. Our procedure for lice removal involves the use of non-toxic products which are safe for adults and children.