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Did you know that the typical person has head lice for three to six months? They will spend many hours and dollars during that period trying an average of 5-7 treatments in an effort to get rid of their infestation.

Doctor's visits, several harmful pesticide treatments, devices, combs, goods from beauty salons and the internet, DIY remedies, unnecessary discards, additional doctor's visits, and eventually prescription-strength pesticide treatments. Without any luck.

Not to add the stress, endless loads of laundry, and cleaning! Due to how difficult they may seem to eradicate; lice have the power to bring even the toughest person to their knees.

When it comes to at home lice treatment Seattle WA, we at Knock Out Lice LLC offer quality services to our customers. Our professionals are knowledgeable about non-toxic procedures and products. Our specialists will carefully examine the hair and scalp of our client. In order to rid your family of head lice, Knock Out Lice LLC provides parents and caregivers with the safest and most efficient head lice removal services.

We start by spraying your hair and scalp with a lice prevention solution. If lice are found, our professionals will then provide you with a free treatment estimate. Our price list includes the cost of the head check. Our entire line of at home lice treatment Seattle WA is pure and organic in every way. Due to the fact that we use non-toxic and pesticide-free products, these products are safe for regular usage.

In terms of removal and hair treatment, we have a 99.6% success rate. For results that are guaranteed, you (the client) must bring your specimen inside the facility in a bag or other container. Please sign up for a 5 Day Guarantee and omit your address and phone number. Contact us today for quality at home lice treatment in Seattle WA.